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Add a New Florist

Contact CFS if you would like to add a new florist to your website

CFS allows multiple florists to be added to a website to receive online orders. If more than one florist is added, our system automatically rotates between them depending on their sales volume.

To add a new florist, you will need to give them the CFS Benefits to Florist form. This form collects information needed to add them to our system. It also explains our program to your chosen florist and provides contact information should they have any questions.

CFS Benefits to Florist Form

Once we receive paperwork from a florist, we will set up their account in our system and add them to your website.

If there is already at least one florist on your website and we were not notified of an incoming submission, CFS will contact you and make sure you have authorized their placement on your website.

Remove a Florist

If you no longer want a specific florist on your website, contact us by either email or phone (1-888-881-6131). We can add, suspend, and remove florists from your website as needed.