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Add Website Users

Create individual accounts for your staff with different access levels

If multiple people use the admin side of your website, you should consider creating individual logons for them.  Each account must use a unique email address and can change their password at any time.

To create a new account, click on the green "ADD" button at the top of the page.  From the drop-down menu, click on "Website Users."


From this page you can view and edit existing accounts.  To create a new account, click "Add New User" in the top right of the section.

A pop-up window will appear on the screen.  Enter the information for the new user in each field.  You can create a random password by clicking "Generate" or type in a desired password manually.


Access Levels

There are three access levels for a website user: Site Admin, Obituaries Only, and Restricted Pages Only.  A brief explanation can be viewed by clicking "(explain...)" in the window.

Site Admin

A website admin has complete access to the website.  They can make site changes and adjust site-wide settings.  The primary account for your funeral home will be set to site admin, giving you full control to website features.

Obituaries Only
This level allows a user to add and edit obituaries.  They can also approve pending content including condolence messages and photo submissions.  They cannot make any changes to settings or the content of your website.

Restricted Pages Only
Pages on your website can be set to "restricted," only allowing logged-in users to view them.  This account will allow someone to view these pages, but not add or edit anything on the website.  Note that Obituaries Only and Site Admin users also have access to these pages.  These users cannot access password-protected pages without entering the password, however, if you have chosen this option.


When you have entered the details for the new user, create "Save" to create a new account.  The email and password for this user will be immediately activated, allowing them to log into your website.