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Delete an Obituary

At any time, a listing can be removed or restored to your website

When logged into your website, you can delete an obituary from your website. Navigate to the obituary you would like to delete. Underneath the obituary photo, click on the "Delete Obituary" button.

This button will not appear if you are not logged in.


Restore a Deleted Obituary

If you delete an obituary by mistake and would like it to be restored to your website, contact us at CFS. We can be reached via phone at 1-888-881-6131 during office hours or by email at info@runcfs.com or support@runcfs.com. Please provide a link to your website as well as the name of the obituary you would like to restore. Our system automatically backs up all obituaries added to your website. We can remove and re-add listings at any time.