Website Zones

When editing your website, you may notice buttons that say “Site-wide” and “Page-specific.” These buttons reflect different zones on your site, such as headers and footers. Content in the areas that are set to 'site-wide' is included across all website pages. Objects like a logo or menu are contained in these zones.


A “Page-specific” zone contains content that does not appear on all website pages. Custom content individualized for a page should be placed in these zones.


The zones can be toggled by clicking on them. Be careful when doing this. If a section is made site-wide, it will appear on every page of the website. If a section is switched to page-specific, it may remove the content from other pages on the website, such as your logo or menu.


Some zones appear as site-wide even if they contain custom content such as the page title. CFS designers use content tags to pull information from site settings, such as the page title. When not in the page editor, this tag will be replaced with the title of the individual page.