Add a YouTube Video

You can directly embed a YouTube video onto your website with the “Embed Code” object. It can be found under the “Smart Objects” section of the “Edit” sidebar. Click and drag the widget onto the page you would like the video to appear.


The embed code object will appear as a thin rectangle outlined in red. Hover your mouse over the box and click the pencil button on the left.


From the pop-up menu, click on “Edit Code.”


HTML can be entered directly into the text box. To use CFS stock code items, click on the drop-down menu.


Use the search box to find the YouTube embed item. Click on the listing to add the default code to the box.


The code will now appear in the text box, but will need to be edited to display the video you want to add.


You will need to replace the text that has been highlighted below.


In a separate tab or window, navigate to the YouTube video you would like to add.


In the address bar at the top of your browser, you will see “/watch?v=” followed by a series of numbers and letters in the URL.


Select the text after “v=” in the URL and copy it.


Navigate back to your website. Replace the link with “” followed by the video ID you copied.


Once you click “Save” at the bottom of the window, the YouTube video will appear on the page.


If the video does not appear, send the video and the page you would like it to appear on to We would be happy to help.