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No Obituary Photo on Facebook

If a photo does not appear when an obituary is shared to Facebook, you will need to refresh the listing.

If the obituary photo does not appear when the listing has been shared to Facebook, the photo is likely too small. Make sure that the photo dimensions are at least 200x200 pixels. If you edit the obituary photo to meet this size requirement, be sure to change the name of the file before adding it back to the listing, as to ensure the website displays the correct version.


After you have replaced the photo, you will need Facebook to “scrape” the obituary page again. When sharing a webpage for the first time, Facebook only “reads” it once to gather photos and generate a text preview. This ensures that Facebook’s servers do not need to continuously “read” web pages that are shared hundreds or thousands of times, keeping their load times fast.

To scrape a Facebook listing, go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/ and paste the link to the obituary in the white box. Click on “Fetch new scrape information” to have Facebook reread the page.


A preview will then appear at the bottom to show you whether or not the photo will appear. This update will not affect links already shared to Facebook.