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Enroll in the Aftercare.com Card Program

CFS directly integrates with Aftercare.com, allowing you to enroll in their program from your website.

The Aftercare.com program is integrated directly with your CFS website, allowing you to enroll a family to receive four sympathy cards and a follow-up survey. CFS users can sign up their first three families for free.

For more information on the program, or to get started, click on the green “Add” button. Under the “Create” section, click on the “+ Aftercare Card Program” button.


From this page, you can learn more about the program by watching the introduction video. You can also use the buttons below to either request a sample or begin enrolling families by clicking “Sign Up.”


This will link you directly to Aftercare.com, allowing you to create an account. You can begin your free trial from here.


For more information on the Aftercare.com program, visit their main website or call 1-800-721-7097.