Navigation Tile Widget

Create a hyperlinked image that links to any page on your website or an external link

A navigation tile is a hyperlinked image with a text overlay. It can link to either a page on the website or an external website.


To customize the tile, first hover your mouse on the object. Click on the pencil button in the top left corner of the box.


From the pop-up window, click on “Options.”


At the top of the box, you can specify where you would like the tile to link. If linking to a page on the website, click on the drop-down menu underneath “Website Page.”


Select the page you would like the tile to link to. The text on the navigation tile will automatically update to the page title.

Once you have selected the link, close out of the pop-up window.  To set the picture, click on the “Edit Image” page in the top left corner of the box.


Use the image selector pop-up box to add an image to the tile.


The navigation tile widget can be found under the "Smart Objects" tab. Smart objects can be accessed by clicking on the “Edit” button in the blue bar at the top of the page and selecting the “Smart Objects” button at the top of the sidebar.  Click and drag an icon to add a widget to the page.