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Photo Won't Upload

Here are some common reasons why a photo will not upload to your website

The file name is rejected

The most common reason a photo will not upload to your website is that the name contains special characters. Our server rejects file names that are similar those used to spread viruses and malware. When uploading a photo, rename longer files to something short and basic, such as the name of the deceased.

The photo is too large

The size of a photo may be an issue when trying to upload. Although the photo may have been accepted by the server, the request will time out before it can be posted on the website. You can reduce the file size by changing the physical size or resolution of the picture.

You're not logged into the website

If you are trying to upload a photo to an obituary gallery, it will not be approved automatically if you are not logged in. As an admin user on the website, you do not have to wait for your post to be approved. When you log into the website, you should see your submission waiting for approval, along with any other pending content you may have.

None of the above - help!

If none of these tips worked, please email the photo and a link to the page you are trying to add it on to support@runcfs.com. We will be happy to take a look and figure out the issue for you.