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Upcoming Services Page

Organize upcoming services and notes with this brand new feature

The "Upcoming Services" page is a new feature that allows you to share information on upcoming services through a private link on your website. In addition to service times and locations, it allows you to add custom notes on each case.

When logged into your website, click on the "Management" button in the header at the top of the page.


The "Upcoming Services" tab will display a summary of services. The link listed in the text at the top of the page is the secure link that can be used to share this information with funeral home staff. This page does not require someone to be logged into your funeral home website.


Password-Protection and Page Deactivation

The page can be password-protected or disabled at any time. Deselect the box next to "Enable the current services link / feature" to deactivate the page. To add a password, type it into the text field on the right side of the box.

Upcoming service information will be sorted by date and displayed on the page under each case name. If you have multiple locations, the page will organize them by funeral home.

Adding Notes

To add notes to a specific service, click on the green "Add Notes" button on the top right of the section.


In the popup text window, enter the notes you would like to display for this particular case. For example, notes could include the staff assigned to the services or special instructions. Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the box to add your notes.


The notes will appear on the right side of the service location. You can change the notes by clicking the same green button.


This information will appear on the private link listed on the page. There is no character limit on notes.